Utopia or Oblivion

Rising from the ashes

of the highly-toxic fossil & nuclear fuels

to a solar-sourced hydrogen & cannabis economy

with wartime-speed (i.e., by 2020).

Phoenix Project Foundation research papers and video productions document the most serious problems and solutions that now confront the USA and the global human community.  Given the exponential nature of both the problems and the solutions, humanity is rapidly accelerating towards both a technological "Utopia" of a solar hydrogen cannabis economy and regenerative medicine that is already reversing aging and disease -- as well as an ecological "Oblivion" scenario of the Sixth Mass-Extinction event in the Earth's 4-billion year-old history, which is now entering its final exponential stages.

Fortunately the obstacles to implementing the solutions with wartime-speed are not technical, they are political. As such, the key to implementing the fundamental solutions involves communication and education. Please note that because the Phoenix Project Foundation is a non-profit, 501-C3 scientific and educational organization, all purchases are tax-exempt

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 Utopia or Oblivion?  That is the Question.